Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Arriving in New York to pursue a singing career, I met many dancers & other creative people who told me about an amazing physical fitness instructor, Joseph Pilates.  He taught George Balanchine, Martha Graham & Jerome Robbins.  With those amazing choreographers and dancers as his students, I had to seek him out. I studied with Poppa Joe from 1960 to 1967 and after his death I migrated to Bob See's studio and a roster of other Pilates studios, always seeking out that excellent instructor.  However, the standard was set by Joe and I compared everyone else to him. How bizarre to discover this summer a true acolyte in New Preston, CT.  The owner, Amparo Sedito is the first teacher I have found who truly emulates Joe's teaching methods and personalized one on one sessions.  I consider myself lucky but now I have to figure out how I can continue to work with her throughout the year, as I live in NYC. 

It has taken me years to find her, I have no intention of losing her!.....M Aldin, NYC

Pilates with Amparo is a life changer!  Amparo provides very personal, customized, inspiring, and challenging authentic Pilates training.  The studio is clean and beautiful.  The apparatus is of the utmost quality and craftsmanship.  Amparo is dedicated to making sure you are practicing each move correctly and adjusts the intensity as you progress so you are constantly feeling challenged.  She trains in a safe way, making sure your body is in correct alignment.  I feel stronger after every session and this Pilates program is sure to transform your shape.  Guaranteed!.........Julie J, Washington, CT

I have been taking Pilates weekly with Amparo for 8 months.  Her knowledge of the authentic study of Pilates is so impressive.  She is a hands on instructor, encouraging and guiding with each exercise.  Her massage technique is the best I've ever had............Martha, Washington, CT

I have been taking weekly Pilates classes with Amparo for the past 14 months.  As an avid exercise person for the past 25 years, I fell in love with the Pilates concept instantly.  Every movement is an exercise in mindfulness.  Amparo's knowledge of  Pilates is unparalleled!  My posture has improved along with increased strength and flexibility.  I find the time spent very rewarding and I look forward to each session with Amparo - she knows how I constantly loved to be challenged!.........Pam C., Washington, CT

I have been having weekly sessions with Amparo for a year and couldn't recommend her more highly. She is a superb teacher and has a deep mastery of Pilates. Her attitude is one of delight in the method and discipline in its execution plus her warm and witty temperament makes her a delightful teacher! I have also had marvelous deep tissue massages from Amparo and find them fabulous. Again her deep knowledge of the body and its musculature, tendons and tissues, etc. mean that she can focus on the precise points that need attention. Her studio is a pristine, sunny space with state of the art Pilates equipment. I even converted my husband to Pilates and he too goes once a week. We are walking taller and prouder thanks to Amparo!............................Maria C., NYC